Attracting a new investor or selling your business is an emotionally challenging and time-consuming exercise. A business owner needs strength and a lot of support to succeed.

We offer our consultancy services to guide you through the process and save your most precious currency: time.

We use the power of 10X: proven 10 steps approach to increase by 10X your chances of closing a deal.

Step 1

Business analysis

We will allocate our time and expertise to better understand your business and its future potential. At this stage, all you have to do is to deliver ( click here to complete the form )

Step 2

Business analysis

We provide a market price valuation for your company. This is based on solid facts, the condition of the market, projected growth, sales potential and the sale of similar businesses within your industry. While the price must not be too high or too low, it should represent an attractive element for both parties. Consultancy fee might apply if a valuation report is requested.

Together with you, we’ll determine the stock offered for sale and other specific information that will drive the transaction structure.

Step 3

Preparing marketing materials

Based on the information provided, we will generate a company profile (teaser).

Subject to interested investors specific requirements, additional presentation materials might be required (information memorandum, business plan etc). We can draft them for a small fee.

Step 4

Marketing to our network of investors

As soon as the company profile is ready and agreed with you, we will start to disseminate it to our extensive network of investors. Normally, before doing so, we will have signed a Confidentiality agreement with these investors

Step 5

Letter of Intent / Indicative Offer

We expect to receive letter of intends from prospective investors. These letters will include general terms under which such prospective investors may be looking to buy or invest into your company. This is the moment when the process becomes dynamic and you, as a business owner, start to incur some costs.

The subsequent exchange of information will lead to, eventually, indicative price offers. Our intention is to generate competition among prospective investors.

Step 6

Provide support during due diligence

Provide support during due diligence

Should you accept any of the offers, the chosen investor will initiate a due- diligence exercise, during which, the information we delivered will be double-checked by a professional third party hired by the investor. And, during the due diligence process, we will control the flow of information.

Step 7

Binding Offer

After the due diligence, we expect to receive a binding (committed) offer from the investor. We’ll support business owners during negotiations of the binding offers.

We also know when someone is trying to kill the deal or is being unreasonable and how to handle those situations.

Step 8

Negotiating Transaction Documents

Based on a binding offer, a number of legal documents have to be executed. We are here to assist you in selecting the best lawyer for this task and provide support in negotiations of commercial aspects.

Consultancy fees will apply for services in connection to negotiations.

Step 9

Signing the Transaction Documents

When signing the transaction documents, you are one step away from your objective. Additional steps might be required , such as clearance from Competition Council or other authorities.

Step 10


Closing is the day when the transaction is finalized and the money are transferred to your account. Since your success is our goal, the champaign it’s on us on the Closing day!

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